QIS Revamped Website Days Away
By Liam Norris 17 October, 2017

Exciting News: QIS' new revamped website is almost here...find out how it affects you and the key chnages happening!

How To: Load a Tape Gun
By Liam Norris 20 September, 2017

How To: Load a tape gun > Both models (red and blue grip handles). We give you a quick run through video as well as a step by step breakdown.

Analysis: Shop owner & Consumers - best alternative to plastic bags?
By Liam Norris 09 August, 2017

A quick breakdown of what are the best alternative bags for consumers and shop owners alike, in light of the plastic bag ban coming to Queensland.

QLD shopping bag ban: What's the affect and what are your alternatives?
By Liam Norris 01 August, 2017

A look at which bags are getting banned by the QLD Govt, how it affects you, and what are the alternative bag options now?

How To: Wrap a pallet with stretch wrap
By Liam Norris 19 June, 2017

Frustrated about how to wrap your pallet of stock up? Good thing you're here then! We've got a quick 50 second video to help walk you through it, and to get rid of any confusion you might have...take a look!

How To: Use plastic strapping
By Liam Norris 02 June, 2017

Have you struggled with strapping before? Our quick and easy 5 step walk through will get rid of any frustrations you might be having :)

Which Bags Can I Freeze?
By Liam Norris 18 April, 2017

Understanding which bags can be frozen and which can't is a common question we get here at QIS. We've gone through and broken it down for you, so you can understand all the options available to you. 

7 Shortcuts to make your warehouse packaging and distribution more efficient
By Liam Norris 04 April, 2017

With over 32 years of experience in pacakging different products and working with numerous delivery companies, we've picked up a few nifty tips along the way. Let us know if you've got any sneaky tips that you use!

3 Lessons learned from sending thousands of parcels
By Liam Norris 21 February, 2017

QIS has sent thousands upon thousands of parcels over the last 30 plus years of doing business. So we know a few things about what to do and what NOT to do when sending goods. Here are a few tips to enhance your packaging, sorrounding how to maximise customer satisfaction in the post-purchase experience!

4 Mistakes most people make when sending order confirmation emails
By Liam Norris 13 February, 2017

Running a small business and not exactly sure what to put in your email confirmation to customers, or want to improve it? This article goes over 4 key points you need to be working on, to help you up your game and send out quality order confirmation emails!

What happens after the checkout...Your Order Confirmation Page
By Liam Norris 26 September, 2016

1st article in a 5 part series, covering our E-Sellers Guide which we released earlier in 2016. Covering why customer retention is so important, where it starts and what you can do to improve it!

The e-Sellers Guide to Customer Retention – Out Now!
By Jacob Dryer 15 June, 2016

Grab your FREE guide today!

New Products - Flat Paper Bags, Black Tubing and an Adhesive Envelope!
By Liam Norris 23 May, 2016

Exciting news, QIS has added new products to our range, from more variety in flat paper bags (both brown and white) to black plastic tubing and adhesive envelopes. We’ll quickly cover what the new products are and what the best way to use them is!

Printed Bags for Your Trade Show, Best Bags & Best Strategy!
By Liam Norris 09 May, 2016

Which bag do you use for trade shows? What exactly do you print on the bag? Have you got a strategy around distributing your bag so your branding is more obvious than your competitors? These are all key questions if you want to have a successful trade show! In this blog we answer them and have a real life example of a successful strategy!

The Importance of Mother's Day for Retail and What Products Are Best Suited For It!
By Liam Norris 04 May, 2016

Do you know how much Australian's are anticipated to spend on Mothers Day this year? The impact on retail business is significant, therefore understanding its importance in the retail calendar should be a high priority for many small businesses. Packaging for Mothers Day you would think is straightforward right? Buy pink packaging products and put my products into them, here we break down the product options you have for this special day of the year!

Earth Day - Environmentally Friendly Packaging
By Liam Norris 18 April, 2016

Earth Day/Week is an organisation raising awareness of environmental issues affecting our planet. So what better time to cast our eye over the eco-friendly products QIS has available!

New Shipment of Courier Bags in Stock Now
By Jacob Dryer 22 March, 2016

Are you looking for high-quality courier bags at low cost? We've got a new shipment in and we're passing the savings on to you!

Customer Retention – What’s the Big Deal?
By Jacob Dryer 15 March, 2016

Customer retention is absolutely essential for any successful company, however, many people overlook the huge potential of a loyal customer base. We discuss why customer retention is so useful in the modern business world.

Mailing your goods with QIS Packaging
By Jacob Dryer 07 March, 2016

Here at QIS, we have you covered for all sorts of mailing needs – whether it be for documents, fragile goods, clothing or anything else. In this article we’ll go through some of our packaging solutions, available to you at incredible prices.

What to do (and what to avoid) when Shipping Products to Your Customers
By Jacob Dryer 01 March, 2016

With online shopping exploding in popularity during the past ten years, the need to safely and securely mail your goods has never been greater. The mailing process can be fraught with danger, so we’ve come up with some hot tips to give your customers the peace of mind they deserve when ordering goods online...

Moving house or office? Keep calm with these 12 tips
By Global Administrator 08 January, 2016

Moving can be a breeze for some people and stressful for others. It is typically the latter for most of us. With so many different things to think about it can be a challenge. There is no “best way” to go about it, but here at QIS Packaging, we’ve compiled a list of some awesome tips to assist you. Remember these tips and your move will be much less stressful.

Paper Bags or Plastic Bags?
By Stephen Hamilton 24 March, 2014

What Type of Bags Should You Use?

"Should I order Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? Which one is better?"

These are questions that we get asked frequently, and we find that there are different motivations for asking.

Reasons for asking can include the following...

Would You Give Us Your Feedback?
By Stephen Hamilton 12 February, 2014

We want your feedback. Honest feedback from actual customers is incredibly valuable to businesses who are prepared to use it. So we're asking for your feedback on your experiences when dealing with us, QIS Packaging.

This might sound controversial, but...



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