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How To: Load a Tape Gun

By Liam Norris 20 September, 2017
You've brought your packaging materials.

The packaging tape, the tape gun, the cartons and the courier bags.

You're all ready to go and start sending out your products, but then you realise...how do I actually get the roll of tape into the tape gun?

There are two different models:
1- Pistol grip model (red handle)
2- Noise reduction model (blue handle)

What's the difference? The noise reduction model has a latch which the tape wraps around, and it also reduces the noise usual tape guns (pistol grip model) would make when taping something up.

Pistol Grip Model Steps

These 3 quick steps will solve your dilemma, and get you taping up boxes and sending out parcels!
  1. Push roll of tape onto spindle
  2. Make sure the loose end of tape is facing towards the back of the unit
  3. Pull the loose end of the tape through the roller assembly, ensuring the sticky side is facing out
  4. Pull off the excess/ scrunched up tape

Noise Reduction Model Steps

  1. Pull down the latch
  2. Secure the tape with the loose end facing towards the back of the dispenser
  3. Then pull the tape through the roller
  4. Pull off the excess/ scrunched up tape

About Liam Norris:

Liam works in multiple areas within QIS Packaging, including warehouse, admin, and marketing, while studying for a dual degree in Economics & Media Communication. Liam coaches junior volleyball and loves watching funny dog videos (but who doesn't?).

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