Butchers Paper available for Perth

Trying to think of a cheap, easily accessable, bulk buy and fun way of doing arts and craft? QIS Butchers Paper is perfect for child care centres, pre-schools, kindys or prep. Let the kids go crazy with this economical butchers paper and give them a chance to be creative with this wonderful product!

Butchers Paper is available for delivery to your Perth address.



What kind of applications can I use on Butchers Paper?

Butchers Paper is a very versatile product. Texters, pens, chalk, crayons and charcoal work fantastically. Paint is also another great way to get the kids involved with it. Paint generally works better than paper due to the manufacturing qualities of the Paper and its ability to hold moisture.

What is the general delivery time to Perth?

The normal delivery time to Perth is 7 working days, so if you are ordering make sure you plan it ahead a bit if you will need it quickly.

Are there any quicker options than 7 days at all?

You are more than welcome to organize your own freight to Perth if you wish, but you will find most couriers tend to take that long from where we are located. There are some express options but they tend to get quite expensive very quickly.

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