Modern Wrapping Paper

It can be hard to find some modern options for wrapping products for gifts, books, clothing or any other product.

Your best bet in finding modern options might be in combining different coloured wrapping, ribbon, and string that create modern colour palettes. If you're not sure how to determine what these modern palettes may be try checking out this custom Google image search for ideas (this is set to show results from the last week, so the ideas should be very fresh!).


Frequently Asked Question

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to pretty much any business or residential address in Australia. Some very remote addresses may get delivery to the nearest post office or freight depot, but if that applies to you, then you're likely already expecting that anyway.

How thick is your wrapping paper?

Our wrapping paper comes in 500mm wide rolls.

What thickness is your paper?

Our wrapping paper is mostly 80 GSM (it will state on the product page exactly what thickness each product is).

What does GSM mean?

Grams per square metre. Most of our paper is 80 GSM, which means it weighs 80 grams for every sqaure metre of paper. It is generally considered an indicator of paper quality. Very thin paper can tear too easily. In our experience, 80 GSM is an ideal thickness as it is thick enough to be sturdy, but not so thick that it creates folding issues.

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