Paper Packaging - The Versatile Alternative to Plastic

Paper Packaging has a really wide range of uses. It can be used in retail stores for wrapping everything from clothing to homewares. It has useful and practical industrial uses, such as protecting products during shipping and storage. It is also quite useful in other types of businesses, such as hospitality.

One advantage of paper packaging is that it is completely recyclable. While most packaging today is plastic, paper packaging is more enviromentally friendly.


Frequently Asked Question

Can you deliver to my location?

If you are based in Australia, then we're pretty confident we can ship it to you. If you have any specific questions about freight, give us a call on 1800 555 343.

What advantages does Paper Packaging have over Plastic?

Choosing the best material depends very much on what you are using it for. With that in mind, Paper Packaging has the following advantages over plastic:

  • It has a more interesting tactile quality, that is, it feels better to touch than plastic
  • Paper Packaging is often more attractive, especially when wrapping odd-shaped items
  • Getting custom printing on Paper Packaging can be cheaper than plastic, because of the quantities required to do custom printing on plastic
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