Paper Rolls at good quality low price? QIS has got you're back!

Paper rolls come in:

Paper rolls are suitable for packaging and wrapping. This can be to protect parcels, or for decorative purposes. Brown kraft paper rolls and butchers paper will help protect those fragile items during transportation or when moving house. Butchers paper isn't just for butchers as the name suggests, it is also often used in cafe's for daily menus, and kindergarten's for kids to draw on.

There are a variety of ways to secure what you have wrapped. The obvious one is packaging tape or sticky tape. If it is a number of wrapped parcels you could use hand strapping with plastic buckles. When using the coloured gift wrapping paper rolls, nothing can look better than using ribbon to finish it off.


Frequently Asked Question

Does QIS sell dispensers for the paper rolls?

QIS Packaging does sell the kraft wrapping paper roll dispensers. Remember when fitting the dispenser with the width of the paper it's always best to get the same size or the next one above. Just click here to have a look at them.

Does QIS have any other rolls that aren't paper?

Yes we do. We have a range of plastic rolls usually referred to as centrefold or builder's film, stretch wrap and cellophane rolls. Sometimes you will need to put plastic around the paper to ensure it does not get wet. Unfortunately paper does absorb the moisture.

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