Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping is a hard but flexible plastic which is intended for use in shipping or transportation. It is heavily reinforced so that it will not give way during transit, and it can be used to reinforce shipping boxes, and to secure rolls to pallets so they don't roll off. Sold in either 12mm, 15mm or 19mm widths, each box has 1000 metres per roll. Plastic or metal buckles are used to secure it in place.


Frequently Asked Question

What breaking strain are the plastic hand strapping?

The following will provide you with a guide to the breaking strain of the plastic hand strapping we supply.

The 12mm wide has a breaking strain of 95kg;
the 15mm wide has a breaking strain of 140kg:
the 19mm wide has a breaking strain of 200kg:
the 19mm heavy duty has a breaking strain of 400kg.

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