Plastic Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap's primary use is that it is used to wrap pallets being transported from A to B. Plastic stretch wrap is sticky and therefore will stick to itself. The minimal cost of it for the safety of protecting your goods will be a benefit in the long run to your organisation. Of course there are other uses for it, like putting it across your friends toilet seat and waiting for them to go to the toilet....but we didn't tell you that though. ;)

QIS also has 5 different types of stretch wrap available, going from measurements of 20µm - 23µm and 330m on the roll to 450m. You can see all these products by clicking on the "Stretchwrap and Dispensers" category image just below. If you're looking for a small version of plastic stretch wrap, this is referred to as bundle film (measuring 100mm wide and 250M on the roll). Used to keep long items together and can view it by clicking on the "Stretchwrap Bundle Film Natural".


Frequently Asked Question

If I'm wanting a sturdy stretch wrap to make sure the goods stay on the pallet i'm wrapping, which one should i choose?

The strongest stretch wrap that QIS supplies is of a 25µm thickness, the product code for this is STRNAT25UM. This has 375m on the roll. You can buy these by the individual roll, or in cartons of 4 to make it more cost-effective.

I notice you have dispensers for the stretch wrap, do i need one of these if i'm purchasing some rolls of stretch wrap?

The stretch wrap dispenser (Product Code: IP250) does make dispensing the stretch wrap easier, as it's easier on your hands. It is not essential, but if you're inexperienced it would definitely help you with whatever it is you're wrapping.

Can I use stretch wrap around the home?

Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to stretch wrap, use it to wrap around items in storage to protect from dust and the elements. Use it as a make shift bandage, a rope or even a banner. Tell us some other good uses.

How can I purchase plastic stretch wrap cheaper?

If you sign up as a member on our website which is free, you will receive 5% off every on-line order that you place via our website for life.

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