Poly Strapping - perfect for your warehouse packing

Poly Strapping is a polypropylene plastic which is sold in a coil and displayed in a handy box where you pull the poly strapping out of the centre of the box to secure the cartons that are being shipped. There is 1000 metres on a roll.

The purpose is to secure your load either on a pallet or parcels strapped together. QIS Packaging sells the poly strapping in 12mm, 15mm and 19mm widths. There are plastic buckles to suit for the 12mm & 15mm widths. The 19mm comes in a 200kg breaking strain & a heavy duty one at 400kg breaking strain. Here you would use metal buckles to secure the straps.


Frequently Asked Question

Is Poly Strapping better then steel strapping?

Yes Poly Strapping has following advantages over steel strapping.

- Poly Strap does not damage the products as it does not have the sharp edge and also does not rust and stain packs under moisture.

- Poly Strapping is more elastic than steel strapping, which is very important in securing heavy loads over a long period of time.

- Poly Strapping does not cause any injuries while tensioning or cutting as it has smooth edges.

- Poly Strapping is more economical than steel strapping. Steel strapping is very hard to work with and has the danger of flicking up and cutting you.

How do I thread the strapping through the buckles?

We have a series of "how to videos" and the one you want to watch is "How to use plastic strapping". Click the hyperlink and this will redirect you to the video. It's quite humorous with the Benny Hill music attached to it.

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