Tape labels - all variety you could need

Easily identify fragile items and maintain their great condition with these distinct, bright coloured tapes. A variety of different messages are available on a perforated roll, ranging from FRAGILE, TOP LOAD ONLY, THIS WAY UP, HANDLE WITH CARE, GLASS WITH CARE. These messages are available in Black Print on a Fluro Orange Base with a 75mm x 100mm label. HEAVY can also be purchased on a distinct Yellow/Black colour combination. FRAGILE,URGENT,TOP LOAD ONLY is also attainable in Black/Fluro Orange on a 48mm width roll. FRAGILE TAPE Red/White 48mm is at hand too and all tapes listed above are on an productive 66m length roll.


Frequently Asked Question

What is the purpose of these tape labels?

These tape label messages help to ensure the correct manner in which all products are packed and stacked. Its critical that boxes which contain a range of various items are prepared correctly to protect them. Your purchases or your customer's purchases are important so if a label helps the carrier load this package carefully because it has a "Glass with Care" label, then it has done the job it was intended to.

What's the difference between perforated and just normal warning tape?

Perforated is tape on a roll that has been pierced with small holes at the start and finish of each individual label. This means each label can be torn off with ease and efficiency. Normal warning tape is one continuous printed roll with a repetitive message and in the 48mm varieties CAN be used with our pistol grip tape dispensers.

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