Tissue Paper for making Decorations

Using tissue paper for making decorations has become really popular. The internet provides a plethora of resources to make Pom Poms, Napkin Rings, Tissue Paper Hanging Globes, Gift Decorations, Pinata, Party Hats and even Tissue Paper Centerpieces for tables and events. Heaps of colours to choose from. Dress up the decorations with ribbon or alternatively we have coloured wrapping paper that could be a good substitute if needed. Browse our site to locate what you need.

The best part about making your own decorations is that you can experiment and muck around with it, and even possibly make a new way to do it. 480 sheets in the coloured tissue paper reams there is plenty of tissue paper for you to muck around, make errors and eventually have your tissue paper decoration.


Frequently Asked Question

What are some of the things you can do with Tissue Paper?

Tissue Paper has many uses especially in high end fashion where items are wrapped delicately for a pristine look. Flowers, tissue paper balls, scrap booking, decorations for Christmas and wrap presents just to name a few.

How can I order tissue paper?

You can order on our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week and don't forget to sign up as a member to receive a 5% discount. Otherwise simply email or call us on 1800 555 343.

I have just made a cake stand decoration and I am so proud can I send you a photo?

We love to see how creative you can be - so send photos and instructions to [email protected] and you may see it on our website next time you visit.

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