Warning Tape and Labels

Warning tape and labels helps transport companies to identify freight that requires special attention or instructions. Products damaged during freight can cost a business many thousands of dollars a year. It can also negatively affect the reputation of the business.

QIS has a variety of warning labels that can be affixed to your freight, which will help to reduce these costs. Included in the range is "Fragile" tape or labels, "Top Load Only", and "Urgent" tape. The warning labels are perforated on a roll with 666 messages per roll. This is very cost effective. The warning tape in "Fragile" and "Urgent" have 66 metres per roll and can fit into a tape gun for easy use.


Frequently Asked Question

Do I need a special tape dispenser for warning tape?

Warning tape can be easily mounted onto a pistol grip dispenser just like standard packaging tape. The most common pistol grip dispensers are the TDPG or TDLN, which is a noise reduction dispenser.

Why are warning tapes bright orange or yellow?

These colours are bright so that they stand out to couriers and freight handlers, ensuring they take notice of the message.

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