Carry Bags Wholesale - Australia Wide

Why pay retail? Buy bulk and save $$$$. Our bags are great quality and competitively priced within the market.

If you are wanting to purchase bags for your retail shop, supermarket, personal shopping, school, university, library, government department or Warehouse, QIS Packaging has a bag to suit your needs and your budget!

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What is the difference between Wholesale and Retail?
Retailer buys from wholesaler and sells to customer. Retailer has costs, (like rent, employees, taxes, loss/breakage, advertising, etc.) and needs to make a profit (which is the reason they are in business). Those added items must be placed on the price charged the customers, above what the retailer paid for the product. Wholesale is a bulk sale by a manufacturer or distributor to for resale to a retailer.

What is the minimum quantity to get wholesale price?
You can buy as little as one pack or one carton depends on the type of the product that you after. The more you buy, the cheaper you will pay for your product. So get in touch with us and find out if you're curious. There are already automatic price breaks in some of our products that make the price cheaper, but if you're buying in extreme quantities we can get a quote to you for your order.

What if i'm wanting to get a print on some of the bags i'm ordering, is this possible?
Absolutely, QIS has in house printing options for smaller jobs, as well as overseas manufacturers that do much bigger jobs. If you click here you can view our "Request A Quote" Page.

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