Calico & Non-Woven Tote Bags - Environmentally friendly choice

Tote bags can be defined in different types of ways from a "big bag" to an Eco-friendly or non-woven bag. We have a good variety of tote bags available in our Calico Bag range. Often used as library bags in schools all the way to mines even, there is an extremely wide use options for these bags. Shoulder strap calico tote bags are handy for carrying extra books to uni as well!

QIS can organise to have these bags branded for you. You can take a look at our Custom Printed Bags page to see what options are available, or call us on 1800 555 343. We would love to provide you with any information you require.




What is Calico?

Calico originated in Calicut, India during the 11th Century. Calico is a plain-woven textile and is made from unbleached cotton. This cotton is often not full processed and may contain unseparated husk parts. Calico is not as coarse or thick as canvas or denim and therefore is usually cheaper to manufacture, and is made from 100% cotton so is washable.

What is the minimum quantity of calico tote bags that I can buy?

We sell our calico tote bags in packs of 50.

I have my own freight company can I organise for them to collect?

Of course, just let us know at the time of placing your order and we will have it ready for them to collect.

What sort of branding can be done with these bags?

We can print on both Calico Bags and Non Woven Polypropylene bags, and commonly print corporate logos, event details and other promotional information on to these bags. To find out more, call us on 1800 555 343.

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