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Teflon Tape - keep your heat sealers running

Teflon tape is used on the jaws/bottom surface of the heat sealer so the actual machine doesn't get seared when the heat sealing process takes place.

Don't know what to purchase with the teflon tape? Don't stress we sell them in kit bundles with the elements so you get everything you need!

The most popular width is 38mm non-adhesive. Depending on how much your heat sealer is used will determine how often you need to replace the teflon on the jaws of the heat sealer.

Not sure how to replace the teflon on your heat sealer? Scroll to the bottom of the page and we've got a video that walks you through it :)


Frequently Asked Question

How many seals can my sealer seal before I need to change the element and the teflon tape ?

A sealer can seal between 1000 - 5000 seals before the element and teflon becomes worn and breaks. This number will vary significantly based on the timer setting.

When do I change the teflon tape on a heat sealer?

Its recommended to change the non - adhesive cover before it burns through. As the cover wears you will notice a discolouration where it comes into contact with the element. You can maneuver the cover back and forth to allow the element to come into contact with the unused portions. For the teflon adhesive you must replace the bottom sealing strip whenever you change the element. The adhesive serves as a barrier between the heating element and the sealers body. When you replace the adhesive, make sure its 1/4" - 1/2" past the machine on both ends to prevent the heating element from coming into contact with the sealers body.

Can I buy the element and tape together or do I have to buy them seperately?

QIS sell repair kits which include two elements and a metre of teflon tape, which are necessary and go together.



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