Need ribbon to compliment the rest of your overall packaging for your customer? Then you’ve come to the right place…
QIS stocks not just a huge range of ribbon so you can be confident you’re going to find something for your needs, but also have a huge retail range of packaging at wholesale prices which we sell to everyone from solopreneurs to big multinationals.

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What else should I buy with ribbon?

It can be great to wrap your product and then tie it in a bow using ribbon. So getting tissue paper wouldn't hurt (you can cut it down to size for what you need). If you don't need a specific colour then our "Rainbow Tissue Paper Pack" has multiple colours and is great value for money.

What is double sided (also known as double faced) satin ribbon?

Satin ribbon is a popular purchase because of its shine and vibrancy. Double sided (faced) satin ribbon is shiny on both sides of the ribbon. You can purchase Satin Ribbon online at QIS Packaging.

Where can I buy wholesale ribbon?

Wholesale ribbon available at QIS Packaging. Purchase online 24/7 or just call us on 1800 555 343, we would love to help you. Our pricing is extremely competitive and the product is of the highest quality.

What can I use Ribbon for?

You can hang up your picture frames or make pretty bows for your doggies ears. Ribbon makes great shoe laces or of course great for wrapping presents. Why not tie it around your curtains, your ponytail, around a bouquet or make a belt for around your waist. Ribbon could be used to make baby mobiles or maybe attach a piece of ribbon to your luggage when travelling so can identify your luggage quickly!

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