Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid free tissue paper is ideal for wrapping or protecting your special products, gift or memories. Acid free tissue paper can help protect wedding dresses, your child’s naming outfit or that expensive gown that only comes out once in a while. You can also place acid free tissue paper in between photos in an album, to stop them from sticking. These products are great for small businesses or for personal use!



What is Acid Free Tissue Paper?

Regular tissue paper has a tendency to degrade and become acidic over time, which may damage the product it is covering. Acid free tissue paper has been specially treated to have a neutral pH of approximately 7-7.5, meaning that it is longer lasting and suitable for protecting valuable items. Acid free tissue paper does not contain lignin or sulphur.

How many GSM is Acid Free Tissue Paper?

17 GSM.

How many sheets do I get per ream?

There are 480 sheets of acid free tissue paper per ream.

Where do you deliver to in Australia?

We can send products to any destination in Australia.

Do you sell Acid Free Tissue Paper in a different colour?

We have a range of coloured tissue paper available which is acid free. For more information on what is and isn’t acid free, please call us on 1800 555 343, or speak to our friendly staff on Live Chat.

Click here to see our full range of tissue paper. Please note that our Moving Tissue Paper (product code CHT600X400) is not acid free.

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