Paper Bags In Sydney

Need Paper Bags delivered to your Sydney address? QIS Packaging has Paper Bags with handles made of twisted paper. These are an environmentally beneficial option as they are made from recyclable paper. These are becoming a popular alternative to plastic carry bags due to their degradable properties and stylish appearance. Made from heavy duty kraft paper, these paper carry bags are also quite strong and their side gussets provide extra carrying capacity. 'Boutique' or landscape sizes indicate that the bag is wider than it is tall.

We also sell a range of paper bags without handles and we can deliver to your Sydney address. Our Brown Kraft Paper grocery bags are perfect for supermarkets or industrial clothing stores. Or why not check out the range of coloured paper gift bags without handles. These bags are great for small gifts, cards or presents. Whatever your bagging needs in Sydney are, business related or just for an event, QIS has a whole range available for you to find what you need!

If you love Paper Bags but require something a bit more up market - take a look at our Matte laminated bags. They're elegant matte boutique bags that are popular with jewellers, clothes retailers and promotional companies. They are perfect for those more expensive items with a reinforced bottom gusset for extra strength. We have white, black, aqua, navy, red and pastel pink available.



How are Paper Bags made?

A paper bags or sack is really a preformed container made of paper with an opening at one end, usually used for packaging or carrying items. If logs are the starting material, they are debarked and sent to dry in a mill for three plus years. After they are dried, they are exposed to chemicals, heat, and pressure to make oatmeal like pulp. If the manufacturers are using recycled paper, the recycled paper is made into pulp first, because it doesn’t need to dry first. After the pulp is made, it is formed, cut, glued, packaged, and then sent to the receiver. If desired, a paper bag can be made at home from the same process with newspaper or any recycled paper.

What Colour Kraft Paper bags do QIS Packaging sell?

QIS Packaging sell coloured kraft Paper Carry Bags with paper twist handles as well as gift bags without handles. We have a variety of sizes and colours including Purple, Pink, Lime, Aqua, Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, White and Brown. You can check out the range by clicking here.

Why should I choose QIS Packaging?

We supply extremely high quality products. We care about our customers. For instance, if you get the delivery and have an issue with the bags, simply call us and we'll help sort it out. We won't leave you in the lurch.

How can you be sure? Look at how many 5-star reviews we have on Google (it's well over 100 legitimate reviews now, nearly all of which are overwhelmingly positive).

We hold ourselves to the highest level of customer service, and back it up with quality products and extremely competitive pricing.

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