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Plastic Pallet Wrap - Stretch Wrap - Competitive Pricing (See for yourself!)

QIS Packaging has got your pallet wrapping covered! Just like how our wrap will protect and cover your pallets, with quality.

Pallet wrap does exactly what it says, it wraps around the contents that are stacked on a pallet. This helps to keep the goods tightly bound during transit. The pallet wrap also helps to keep dust and moisture off the pallet if storing in a warehouse.

Our natural cast pallet wrap range comes in 20um, 23um and 25um. The pallet wrap is also available in Black. Using a dispenser to apply the pallet wrap around the pallet really helps because the dispenser is able to tension the plastic so that you obtain a much tighter wrapped pallet. Browse our black and clear pallet wrap now!


Frequently Asked Question

Why would I purchase a higher UM stretch wrap? What are the benefits?

IF you are wrapping a pallet full of heavy boxes and want to make sure that they are tightly bound it would be better to have a slightly stronger stretch wrap. This is the main reason why people do purchase stronger types, it just comes down to what you are wrapping.

What is the difference between natural and black pallet wrap?

Natural pallet wrap is not coloured and would be classified as clear.  However if the pallet is wrapped a fair few times around, it is not that easy to read or see what is on the pallet.  Black pallet wrap is opaque and you cannot see anything on the pallet at all.  This is extremely good if you have items that are expensive and you don't want other people viewing the merchandise with the idea of pilfering some of it before it arrives at its destination. Natural pallet wrap is cheaper than black so only use black if it is absolutely necessary.

How do I purchase pallet quantites of pallet wrap?

If you are requiring bulk quantities of pallet wrap, please contact our office for a quote either by calling us on 1800 555 343 or emailing [email protected].  There are certainly savings to receive when purchasing this way.

What is the point of a pallet top sheet?

A pallet top sheet just sits on top of the pallet, like a dust cover. It is also made of plastic and will therefore help to keep moisture from leaking onto the goods on the pallet. A lot of companies use pallet top sheets prior to wrapping the pallets.

What does pallet wrap look like?

To describe a roll of pallet wrap, imagine a large roll of glad wrap. It measures 500mm wide and comes in various lengths depending on the thickness you choose. You are able to purchase either clear or black.

Why Choose QIS Packaging?

Simply put: we understand people.

We know that shopping for stretch wrap, pallet wrap (whatever you prefer to call it) or other packaging supplies is never going to be the most exciting chore.

That's why we try and make it as stress-free as possible.

We've been in the packaging industry since 1985, and over the years we've come to realise that the core of our business isn't packaging at all; it's people.

Sure, we're pretty proud of our consistent and fast delivery, our competitive prices and the quality of our products.

But we're most proud of our track record when it comes to our understanding of people.

Don't just take our word for it...


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Sharon King

"Amazing service. Ordered from regional NSW and staff were extremely helpful in getting my order to me in the nick of time as I ordered last minute. I am so grateful."

- Facebook Review

Tracey Butler

"My first order from QIS and I'm very happy. Competitive prices, professional service and timely delivery. I would recommend trying them."

- Google Review

Dianne Anderson

"We are loyal customers of QIS because they carry the packaging items that we use at a very good price. The website is easy to negotiate and delivery is quick and reliable. Would recommend QIS to antone!!!"

- Google Review
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