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Looking for Paper Dispensers? We've got you covered!

Our paper roll dispensers are great for easily tearing off kraft paper. They come in 3 different lengths:
The dispensers are ideal for professional quality package wrapping, and can easily be placed on a counter top or fixed to a wall.

Use them to wrap items in a warehouse, clothing store, boutique, florist or shopping centres - extra safe, with a tear action and no sharp blade.

You can buy kraft paper dispensers below, as well as a range of kraft paper and wrapping paper rolls which will easily fit our dispensers.


Frequently Asked Question

What kraft paper will fit into the paper dispenser?

As long as the width of the paper roll doesn’t exceed the width of the dispenser then it should fit. If you have an existing roll that you want to put onto the dispenser you may need to check the core size before you purchase.

Does the paper dispenser come with a metal blade?

The paper roll dispenser as a metal edge attached to it which acts as a cutter. However, there is no "Metal Blade", so people can't cut themselves while using the dispenser.

How long will my order take to arrive?

You can check out our delivery times here. We deliver Australia-wide!

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