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Bubble Wrap

Buy Bubble Wrap Bags, Sleeves and Pouches Online

- If you're looking for bubble wrap bags to protect your goods in transit, look no further.


Bubble Wrap - Use in the warehouse, home or office

- Bubble Wrap is the perfect protection partner for your fragile items.

Builders Film and Centrefold Plastic Rolls

Builders Plastic: Clear, White & Black Plastic ...

- Looking for builders plastic in roll quantities? You've come to the right place.

Sheet Plastic

- Plastic sheet is often referred to as builders film, or centrefold plastic.

Butchers Paper

Butchers Paper for Packing

- Butchers Paper, also known as Newsprint, can either be sold as rolls in a variety of widths, or sold in sheets.

Butchers Paper delivered to Adelaide

- Need some butchers paper/ white news paper for your business in Adelaide.

Butchers Paper Brisbane - Huge Range in Stock

- Are you looking for butchers paper for quick delivery to your Brisbane address? QIS Packaging has got you covered.

Butchers Paper available for Canberra

- Butchers paper is available in sheets and rolls we have a wide variety of sizes and packs.

Butchers Paper delivered to Melbourne

- Are you looking for butchers paper/newsprint paper for your wrapping & packaging purposes? You've come to the right place!

Butchers Paper Perth - Delivered to your door!

- Looking for a supplier that can get butchers paper to your address in Perth?

Butchers Paper available for Sydney

- Sydney! Look no further. QIS has butchers paper that is ideal for your wrapping purposes. Browse our cost effective prices now!


Butchers Paper Roll 

- QIS Packaging offer a variety of sizes in their butchers paper rolls. See the available sizes below to choose one that best suits your requirements.

Newsprint Paper in Rolls & Sheets - Great Pricing! 

- Newsprint paper (also known as butchers paper) can be used to wrap and packing products for transit in business use, retail shops when giving products to customers, or industrial settings.



Black Calico Bags

- Black Calico bags are a popular alternative to the common beige coloured calico bags.

Calico Shoe Bags

- Many of the bags in our range of Calico Drawstring bags are of a suitable size to be used as shoe bags.

Wholesale Black Tote Bags - Calico and NWPP Fabric

- Our black fabric tote bags have a large volume and two long handles, making them perfect for conferences, library bags, and trade shows.


Buy Calico Bags from Your Brisbane Supplier

- Looking to pick up some calico bags from a Brisbane supplier? Or want them delivered to your Brisbane address super fast?

Calico Bags Delivered to Perth - Huge Range Online

- Finding it hard to get calico bags into Perth at a reasonable rate? You wouldn't be the first and we understand the frustration!

Calico Bags to Sydney - Speedy Delivery!

- Sydney, we have a huge range of environmentally friendly calico bags (100% cotton), available in a variety of styles and sizes. Delivered to your Sydney address in 1-2 business days.

Wholesale Calico Bags - buy bulk online and save!

- Need wholesale calico bags? QIS Packaging is the right place for you!

Buy Drawstring Cotton Bags Online

- Looking for drawstring cotton bags? QIS is your all-Australian solution.

Calico Libary Bags - Wholesale Prices

- QIS Packaging sells quality calico bags that are perfect library bags and can be bought in a minimum quantity of 50 per pack. We can supply larger quantities - buy more and save by getting wholesale prices.

Calico Bags - Great Service and Fast Delivery

- On the lookout for some Calico Bags? We've got your back at QIS Packaging.

Calico Bags delivered to Adelaide

- Are you in Adelaide and need some Calico Bags delivered to your address. You have come to the right place. QIS supplies environmentally friendly and high quality Calico bags.

Quality Calico Bags delivered to Melbourne

- Need Calico Bags delivered to Melbourne? If you are looking to buy calico bags online, QIS Packaging is the right place as we have some of the best prices for high quality Calico products, with a consistent delivery time of 2 to 3 working days.

Printed Calico Bags

- Printing on Calico bags is very popular as it gives your business a chance to put your logo on a bag that has strong connotations with being environmentally conscious.

Calico Tote Bags

- Calico tote bags are extremely friendly to the environment, as they are made completely from natural materials.

Calico & Non-Woven Tote Bags - Environmentally ...

- Tote Bags are carry bags with two handles. Our environmentally friendly range of wholesale tote bags are made from calico or non woven polypropylene.


Cellophane Bags and sheets

Cellophane Bags 

- QIS has a range of 20 cellophane bags starting from small ones (115mm x 65mm in length and width) all the way up to larger bags (300mm x 150mm).


Cellophane Rolls Online - Buy in Bulk and Save! 

- Need some cellophane rolls to wrap up your goods and make them look fantastic? You've found the right place!


Cellophane Sheets 

- Cellophane sheets are a perfect classy wrapping option but are still very cost-effective.

Cellophane Bags - Fast Delivery, Australia-wide 

- With a huge range of quality cellophane bags, you can rest easy knowing you will find what you’re looking for at QIS.


Cellophane Bags - Fast Delivery to Sydney 

- Need cellophane bags, as well as other packaging supplies, BUT don't want to order from 2 or 3 different suppliers?


Buy Wholesale Cello Bags Online - Fast Delivery

- Looking for wholesale cello bags? QIS is the online store for you.


In Melbourne? Need Cellophane Bags? 

- These food grade bags are suitable for any type of food products, from handmade treats through to more sophisticated Bonboneiries.


Christmas Packaging

Keep Christmas Simple - Find All Your Packaging... 

- We stock Christmas-themed gift wrapping paper and wrapping plastic, ribbon, and tissue paper.

Christmas Bags - Huge Range at QIS Packaging! 

- QIS Packaging has got the festive spirit! We want you to turn heads and put some smiles on some faces this Christmas with our huge range!


Courier Bags - Air Satchel Bags - Mailing Bags

Courier Bags - Air Bags - Courier Satchels 

- Tamper evident courier bags also known as courier satchels, air bags or poly mailers have a strong self adhesive tamper evident strip. Our warehouse staff use these bags for sending out customer orders!


Buy Mailing Bags Online - Huge Variety of Posta... 

- At QIS you'll find a wide range of affordably-priced postage bags, so you can mail your goods safely and securely (no matter where you are shipping to).


Padded Bags - Safe & Secure Shipping 

- Transporting Goods? Want them to be safe and secure? Padded bags are the answer!


Enviro Bags

Buy your tote/ calico/ NWPP bags with QIS in Br... 

- Tote bags usually refer to a natural type of bag, QIS sells 2 types of these bags, they are Calico and NWPP (Non-Woven Polypropylene), both of these types of bags are re-usable and are Eco-friendly.


Enviro Bags for the environmentally conscious 

- QIS has a wide range of enviro bags for a number of different applications.


Tote Bags - Melbourne's environmentally friendly...

- Tote bags come in 2 main different fabrics, Calico and NWPP (Non-Woven Polypropylene) each of which can give your company a COMPETITIVE EDGE over your competitors in terms of branding your company.


Non Woven Bags - plain or printed, fast delivery! 

- Are you looking for non woven bags at affordable prices? Need them in a hurry? We've got you covered at QIS Packaging.


Tote bags for Perth- the environmentally friend... 

- QIS sells 2 types of these bags, they are Calico and NWPP (Non-Woven Polypropylene), both of these styles are re-usable and Eco-friendly.


Tote Bags - Sydney 

- Sydney look no further! Browse our range of environmentally friendly tote bags, natural calico & NWPP bags. Delivered 1-2 days to your Sydney address.


Reusable Shopping Bags 

- They’re great for the environment because it means customers aren’t using throw-away plastic bags, and they’re using recyclable bags for their packaging.


Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags for your business or home

- The choices of garbage bags on the market today is enormous, however the majority of these will not break down in our landfill for many, many decades, harming our environment.


Heat Sealers and Accessories

Buy Heat Sealer Machines Online - Seal Bags wit... 

- If you are looking for a robust, high quality heat sealing machine to seal plastic bags or tubing, you've come to the right place.


Teflon Tape - keep your heat sealers running 

- Teflon tape is used on the jaws/bottom surface of the heat sealer so the actual machine doesn't get seared when the heat sealing process takes place.


Kraft Paper and Dispensers

Brown Paper Packaging 

- Need a huge range of brown paper packaging to suit all your products that you need to pack & wrap?


Looking for Paper Dispensers? We've got you cov... 

- Our paper roll dispensers are great for easily tearing off kraft paper. They come in 3 different lengths.


Paper Bags

Extra Large Paper Carry Bags 

- View our range of extra large paper carry bags here.


Kraft Paper Bags - Available in Ten Colours! 

- Choose your preferred kraft paper bags in the following colours: Purple, Pink, Lime Green, Aqua Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, White and Brown.


Retail Paper Bags 

- We carry a huge range of paper bags suited for the retail market. You can find bags of many different sizes, styles and colours here.


Brown Paper Bags Wholesale 

- Buy Brown Paper Bags at wholesale pricing! Strong, environmentally friendly bags.


Brown Paper Bags With Handles 

- Brown Paper Bags With Handles are an environmentally conscious option made from recyclable paper and are a popular alternative to plastic carry bags.


Gift Bags 

- Christmas, birthday's, anniversaries, engagements, mother's and father's day or maybe a certain colour/style fits in well with the branding of your company.


Large Paper Bags – Printed or Plain 

- Got a product that’s a little larger, and want to make sure your product will be able to fit?


Buy Paper Bags & Get Fast Australia Wide Delivery 

- These bags are strong and hard wearing. With paper twist handles and solid glued seams, these bags can handle a considerable amount of weight and come in a huge range of sizes and colours.


Black Paper Bags- Stylish Design at Competitive... 

- Struggling to find a full suite of black packaging products for your business? Need black paper bags?


Paper Bags - delivered to your Adelaide address! 

- Need paper bags delivered to Adelaide?


Paper Bags from QIS Packaging, your trusted Bri... 

- If you're looking for paper bags and need them delivered to a Brisbane address, you've definitely come to the right place.


Paper Bags Delivered FAST to your Gold Coast Ad... 

- Need paper bags delivered to the Gold Coast, FAST?


Paper Bags - Delivery to Melbourne in 2-3 Business days...

- Based in Melbourne and need paper bags? QIS Packaging has you covered.


Paper Bags Perth 

- Are you in Perth and looking for Paper Bags? Look no further Perth!

Paper Bags - Fast Delivery to Sydney - Huge Range 

- Need paper bags, quickly deleiverd to your Sydney address, hassle free?


Paper Bags Tasmania 

- Need paper bags delivered to Tasmania?

Glossy paper bags - premium bags for your customers.

- Businesses who want to show off their products when they give them to their customers.

Paper Sandwich Bags 

- Stock traditional sandwich bags in white & brown. Also known as flat paper bags, have a huge variety of sizes & custom printing options for your retail purposes.

Recycled Brown Paper Bags - 10% recycled materi... 

- Our brown paper kraft bags are manufactured with 10% recycled material, which is the maximum amount that still allows for bag quality and stability.


Red Paper Bags? You're at the right place! 

- The styles of Red Paper Bags that we have in stock here at QIS Packaging can be divided into those with handles, and those without handles.


Small Paper Bags in all different types and var... 

- Are you after small paper bags for your business, or for an event you're holding?


Paper Wine Bottle Bags - Gift Bags for Wine & ... 

- Need paper wine bottle bags that align with your brand’s image?


White Paper Bags 

- Need white paper bags that are strong and come in a variety of sizes. Look no further, I am sure you will find what you want.


Wholesale Paper Bags - buy your paper bags in b... 

- Looking for wholesale paper bags? You've come to the right place.


Wholesale Shopping Bags for Retail, Hospitality... 

- We stock a wide variety of shopping bags - we stock bags manufactured from many materials: plastic, paper, calico, non-woven polypropylene and more.


Gusseted bags - expandable sides or bottom! 

- They're an indent in the bag, so it allows the bag to open up at either the side or bottom (or both depending on the bag).


Merchandise Bags are available in a huge number... 

- Merchandise bags are a great way to showcase your products.


Printed Carry Bags 

- Having your business name or logo printed on carry bags is an effective form of advertising.


Retail Carry Bags - many styles for your company! 

- Retail carry bags need to be strong, sturdy and match the retailers brand identity.


Plastic Carry Bags

Bottle Carry Bags

Plastic Bags - Vibrant choices at economically... 

- Check out some of the types of plastic bags we carry.


Carry Bags Adelaide 

- Whether it be business orientated, promotional based or maybe something for the marketplace. We have got you covered Adelaide when it comes to Carry Bags.

Carry Bags - Brisbane 

- Brisbane look no further! QIS has your carry bag needs covered. We have a huge range of paper, plastic & calico carry bags + more.


Carry Bags to Melbourne - Paper, Plastic & Calico 

- Need carry bags delivered to your Melbourne address? We have you covered here at QIS Packaging.


Carry Bags delivered to Perth 

- Need carry bags delivered to your Perth address? QIS Packaging has a huge range or quality carry bags.


Carry Bags delivered in Sydney 

- Whether it be business orientated, promotional based or maybe something for the marketplace. We have got you covered Sydney when it comes to Carry Bags. Our huge range of carry bags come in different materials, colours, and sizes.


Wholesale Carry Bags - Great for Retail Stores 

- Why pay retail prices? At QIS Packaging, you can choose from a huge range of wholesale carry bags, and save when you buy in bulk.


Buy Wholesale Plastic Shopping Bags Online 

- If you need plastic shopping bags at wholesale prices, you've come to the right place.


Supermarket Shopping Bags - huge variety of sty... 

- Get your supermarket shopping bags from QIS Packaging! We have a huge range of sizes and styles at affordable prices.


Boutique Bags 

- Boutique bags are bags that are wider than they are long - that is, they are bags that have a 'landscape' orientation.


Trade Show Bags 

- Trade Show bags are a carry bag constructed of plastic, paper or calico materials.


Standout Show Bags - which one would you choose? 

- Show Bags are generally plastic carry bags, typically with die cut handles, that you receive when purchasing a Show Bag at one of the many shows in Australia.


Plastic Poly Bags

Buy Wholesale Poly Bags Online - Food Grade Pla... 

- If you need superior quality, wholesale poly bags, look no further!


Plastic Ice Bags Suppliers 

- QIS Packaging has been the plastic ice bag supplier of choice for many businesses for over 33 years, supplying Ice bags Australia wide.


T Shirt bags: economical carry bags 

- T-shirt bags are an economical carry bag made from HDPE Plastic, they are strong and affordable.


Poly Bags - all sizes and types you could ever ...


Wholesale Plastic Bags - Buy Plastic Bags in Bu... 

- Looking to buy plastic bags? Need them at wholesale prices? QIS Packaging is the online store for you.


Polypropylene Packaging

Polypropylene Packaging Supplier - Huge Range, ... 

- Polypropylene bags in Australia are great value for money! An alternative to Cellophane, Polypropylene bags are very clear with neat seals and have the advantage of being less expensive than cello bags.


Resealable - Ziplock Bags

Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags - 50µm and over 

- Need some resealable bags that are a bit more durable or puncture-resistant? Our heavy duty zip lock bags (also known as snap lock bags) will do the trick.


Resealable Bags in Wholesale Quantities 

- Need a supplier of Resealable bags in wholesale quantities? QIS has a huge variety of resealable bags, with bags of many sizes, thickness, and styles.


Resealable Bags: Huge Range of Sizes 

- Resealable bags can have many names they also go by, zip lock bags, zip seal bags, or press seal bags.


Resealable Plastic Bags 

- Resealable Plastic Bags are made of LDPE plastic. They feel soft are completely see through, in other words are clear.


Press Seal Bags - Huge variety at great prices! 

- Looking for Press Seal Bags? Look no further! QIS Packaging has the range to make your packaging needs hassle free, the one stop shop!


Plastic Zip Bags - excellent prices, fast delivery 

- Shop now for plastic zip bags - an affordable packaging solution for a variety of contexts.


Plastic Ziplock Bags - Huge Range & Fast Delivery 

- Searching for a reliable supplier of plastic ziplock bags?



Wholesale Ribbon 

- Need ribbon to compliment your customers packaging, products or gift? Then you’ve come to the right place…QIS has a huge range of stylish ribbon in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.


Strapping, Buckles and Seals

Box Strapping 

- Box Strapping is a type of heavy duty plastic strapping used in shipping or transportation.



- Strapping is a rigid plastic in different widths 12mm, 15mm & 19mm wide which is intended to wrap around cartons to secure during shipping or transportation.


Buy Strapping Tools for Packing & Parcel Strapping 

- A strapping tool is normally used to secure the seals around the strapping. This tool is also referred to as a crimper, and it is normally used with packages that have a 400kg breaking strain or more.


Stretch Wrap - Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap delivered to Sydney 

- Pallet wrap is a stretchable plastic film which is wound around the goods on pallets to keep them protected.


Need Pallet Wrap in Brisbane? 

- Pallet wrap is also known as stretch wrap. It is visually like a large roll of cling wrap but thicker. The most common use of pallet wrap is to secure cartons and products onto a pallet for shipping around Australia. It is remarkably practical and efficient for protecting your stock.


Plastic Pallet Wrap - Stretch Wrap - Competitiv... 

- QIS Packaging has got your pallet wrapping covered! Just like how our wrap will protect and cover your pallets, with quality.


Stretch Wrap Suppliers - QIS has got you covered 

- Looking for a reliable and competitively priced supplier of stretch wrap?


Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper - good variety - bulk quantity 

- Our tissue paper comes in a large range of colours. We also stock acid free tissue paper. Great for gift wrapping & retail packaging.


Acid Free Tissue Paper - Store Clothes & Antiques 

- Need to protect or store acid-sensitive items such as clothes, textiles, photographs or antiques?


Tissue Paper in Perth 

- Tissue Paper is a wonderful way for retailers in Perth to add a colourful flourish when wrapping their goods.


Black Tissue Paper 

- Great for wrapping, packing or getting crafty or creative.


Blue Tissue Paper 

- Complement your packaging with blue tissue paper for protection and decoration.


Bulk Tissue Paper 

- Bulk Tissue Paper is acid free and great for packing, wrapping, gift packaging, retail stores or arts and crafts.


A nice shade of green tissue paper... 

- In need of a nice wrapping green tissue paper to fit in with the rest of your store’s colour theme?


Pretty In Pink - Tissue Paper for Pretty Wrapping 

- Tissue Paper is an excellent choice for wrapping gifts and items purchased from your store. It is available in many colours, including two shades of pink - pink tissue paper and hot pink tissue paper.


Red Tissue Paper - We've got plenty of it! 

- Looking for red tissue paper? Then you've come to the right place!


Tissue Paper in Brisbane - 14 vibrant colours! 

- Colours are vibrant and with 480 sheets per ream, this is value for money.


Tissue Paper - Melbourne 

- Tissue Paper delivered to Melbourne 2-3 days. 14 vibrant colours to choose from & acid free paper also available. Browse & shop our range now!


Tissue Paper Ream - 480 sheets 

- Tissue paper reams are available in 17 colours. Browse our vibrant range & shop now!


Tissue Paper Sydney 

- Delivering tissue paper into Sydney metro is usually takes 24-48 hours.


Tissue Paper Wholesale 

- Need wholesale tissue paper? QIS Packaging is the solution you have been looking for.


White Tissue Paper 

- White is so versatile, it works well on its own, or with other colours.


Warehouse Supplies

Packaging Tape for Warehouse & Office 

- Buy quality Packaging Tape that works properly everytime. We stock a variety of packing tape, tape dispensers & specialty tapes.


Tape Dispensers Improve Efficiency of Warehouse... 

- Tape dispensers can be used for sticky tape, packing tape, or warning tape. We stock all these, and we also stock 'noise reduction' tape dispenser models.


Tape supplier - huge variety with QIS 

- Are you looking for a tape supplier that can be just a click away, fast 24/7 fingertip access to a wide range of different tapes to accommodate most situations.


Plastic Tube Packaging - wide range of applicat... 

- QIS has a huge range of plastic poly tubing at competitve prices. Available in 18 different sizes, perfect for protecting your items from moisture, dirt and contact.


Buy Corrugated Cardboard Rolls Online 

- Our single face corrugated cardboard rolls are perfect for shipping, storing and protecting your large unusually shaped items.


Wrapping Paper

Blue Wrapping Paper Rolls



Large Wrapping Paper Rolls 

- Large Wrapping Paper Rolls are very useful if you need to wrap many items, particularly if you need to wrap them quickly.


Metallic Wrapping Paper 

- View our huge range of Gold, Silver, Copper solid colour wrapping paper rolls, and various patterned wrapping paper rolls that also incorporate metallic colours.

Plain Gift Wrapping Paper 

- Are you looking for something that is classy or understated, or you're after a more natural and traditional aesthetic?

Retail Wrapping Paper 

- We stock a huge range of wrapping paper rolls that are ideal for retail stores.

Striped Wrapping Paper Rolls 

- We carry several striped patterns in our large wrapping rolls. Colours include gold, silver, red and white, and more. Some striped patterns are straight stripes, and some are zig zags.

Wedding Wrapping Paper 

- Need some quality wedding wrapping paper for that special gift? Look no further! QIS Packaging has that special wrapping paper to match your special gift. We have a huge range of beautiful patterns and styles that will meet anyone's wedding gift needs.

Wrapping Paper for Boys 

- Are you trying to find some wrapping paper to wrap some boy's gifts?


Wrapping Paper for Kids 

- Are you looking for rolls of wrapping paper suitable for wrapping a gift, book, or anything else, for kids.


Wrapping Paper Rolls & Sheets 

- Wrapping paper rolls are ideal for wrapping gifts and protecting your goods. Spoilt for choice with 12 colours to choose from in our coloured range as well as a variety of patterned rolls.

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