Box Strapping

Box Strapping is a type of heavy duty plastic strapping used in shipping or transportation. Box strapping is heavily reinforced so that it will not give way during transit, and it can be used to tie together shipping boxes, and to strap pallets for shipping.

Our box strapping is available in 1000 metre boxes, and sold in either 12mm, 15mm or 19mm width strapping. Box strapping has a breaking capacity of up to 400kg.

Plastic buckles, metal seals and crimping tools can also be purchased to lock it all into place.


Frequently Asked Question

Why Strap Boxes?

The benefits of Strapping Boxes is that it can withstand a great deal of strain, such as twisting, and side to side pulling and tearing. Some companies make Strapping Tape with stamps or markings which can be used as identification. Using Strapping Tape in shipping ensures that a box will not pop open during transit, which can be a major problem. Strapping Tape can also be utilised to reinforce a heavy box, by running strips of tape around the box to help hold it together.

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