Cellophane Sheets - Classy Wrapping at a Modest Price

Cellophane sheets are a perfect classy wrapping option but are still very cost-effective. Cellophane sheets are also great for packaging any gifts and retail products you have.

Here at QIS Packaging we stock Natural (Clear) Cellophane Sheets made from BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene). Most people still refer to this as cellophane. BOPP does not "crinkle" up like cellophane, thereby retaining exceptional clarity.



Why use BOPP instead of Cellophane?

BOPP is more durable, is significantly better at retaining its clarity, and is cheaper to produce than cellophane. For uses where clearly displaying the contents inside the packaging is important, BOPP is unequivocally superior.

Do you have any other cellophane products?

QIS doesn't just sell cellophane sheets, we also have an extensive range of cellophane rolls and cellophane bags which you can view by just clicking on the hyperlinks!

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