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Bubblewrap Bags: The bubblewrap used have 10mm bubbles, these are great bags if you're shipping very delicate/breakable items. There is 2 types available, bags with or without a flap (lip).

Courier bags: Also known as poly mailers/ air satchels/ Australia post express satchel bag etc. are fantastic if you aren’t sending fragile items as there’s no padding. Also has a tamper evident strip so you can tell if someone has tampered with the parcel in transit – 7 sizes available

Jiffy: Padded with shredded paper on the inside, and has strong brown Kraft paper on the outside with easy peel/seal strip - 7 sizes available

Paper Mail Pack: More economical and have Kraft paper on the outside and bubblewrap on the inside. Easy peel/seal strip – 8 sizes available

Plastic Maxi Pack Mailer: Plastic on the outside, bubblewrap on the inside, 1 added advantage is the outside is protected from moisture because of the plastic coating – 6 sizes available

When to Choose Courier Bags Over Other Mail Bags?

Courier Bags are better for some applications.

Use courier bags when sending:

  • Documents
  • Garments
  • Items that come prepackaged, such as moulded plastic casing
  • Items that can be easily wrapped in protective material, such as bubblewrap or tissue paper
  • Freight that you need to know has arrived without tampering

Consider the alternative mailing bags at the top of this page when sending fragile products.

Photograph of several courier bags of multiple sizes, with an inset, zoomed in photo of a courier bag being sealed.
Courier Bags available in several sizes and easy to seal.