Heat Sealer Machine - seal cellophane bags, plastic bags or poly tube!

Heat Sealers are ideal to seal bags made from LDPE, Polypropylene and Cello. They are also perfect for heat sealing poly tube. They come in a variety of widths. We also have a range of accessories including elements and teflon tape.

QIS has 8 different sizes of Heat Sealer Machines 5 of them come with or without cutters. The 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm can all be purchased as just a normal heat-sealer OR one with a cutter on it as well. The 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm in length heat sealers can only be purchased with the heat sealer and no cutter.

You can check out our range of sealers and accessory kits below, or watch the video on how to assemble and use our heat sealers.



What is a heat sealer?

A heat sealer is also known as an impulse sealer. Our bench top heat sealers use a heating element to seal plastic, cellophane, BOPP or Polypropylene bags. Some heat sealers also come with a cutter to cut off any excess or unwanted plastic. Benchtop heat sealers don't use a continuous heat which may melt the plastic, instead they use a timed impulse of heat which seals the plastic together without making a melted plastic mess.

What is an impulse sealer?

An impulse sealer is the same as a heat sealer. Impulse Sealer is just a different name used. A heat sealer uses a timed "impulse" to seal the plastic and this is how "impulse sealer" gets its name.


Video: How to Assemble and Use Our Heat Sealers


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