Courier Bags - Air Bags - Courier Satchels

Plain white courier bags also known as courier satchels, air bags or poly mailers with a strong self adhesive tamper evident strip. These bags are made from co-extruded plastic, a dark plastic on the inside and a white plastic on the outside. Our Courier Satchels / Bags are made for strength and privacy. You cannot see the documents inside which makes them more superior than some others available on the market. Courier bags have a lip and tape for sealing. The tape on our courier bags / air bags is tamper evident.


Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. All well priced online in packs of 100. Buy more and save.



Do the Courier Bags have an adhesive strip?

The Courier Bags we sell here at QIS Packaging do have an adhesive strip. Firstly to secure the package along its travels and secondly its "tamper evident" which describes a device or process that makes unauthorized access to the protected object easily detected. Seals, markings or other techniques may be tamper indicating. The adhesive strip actually bonds the two sides of the flap together - it is more like superglue than sticky tape. It cannot be undone without obviously destroying the bag.

What is the thickness of the courier bags?

The thickness of our courier bag is 55um.

How do i know these aren't like other dodgy courier bags I've had in the past?

That is a fair question as some courier bags can often lack a strong adhesive strip, but at QIS the actual bags we sell you are also the same one's we use in our very own warehouse. So you can be assured that they are of the best quality as we send out 100's of products a day using these very same courier bags.

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