Ziplock Bags - perfect for small items

Ziplock Bags are plain LDPE poly bags with a press seal closure. They are commonly used to display or store products including large quantities of small items like nuts and bolts which need to be accessed repeatedly.

Ziplock Bags are also known as resealable bags, zip seal bags, clickseal bags, presseal bags or self-seal bags. “Zipper bags with and without handles” are the easiest bags to open/close and are also the most presentable. However due to the quantities the others are sold in, they’re all much more economical.



Can I store food in zip lock bags?

Yes, many of our customers use ziplock bags for dried herbs, lunches and snacks for the road.

What else can you use resealable bags for?

You can store beads, sequins, make up - basically anything that you want to be able to get to easily, but store safely.

Does the bag size include the 'lip' above the seal?

The bag measurements are usable space only therefore the size of the bag does not include lip above the seal. These bags have plus or miinus 3% to 5% variance in length and width.

Who invented this type of bag?

Great question! According to an article in the New York Times, the plastic zipper was invented by a Danish inventor called Borge Madsen, and was developed into the type of product we are familiar with today by Steven, Max & Edgar Ausnit, who were Romanian emmigrants that eventually licensed this to the Dow Chemical company who introduced it to the retail market in the late 1960s.

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