Bubble Wrap Bags

Bubble wrap bags are protective sleeves for your fragile items. These bubble bags are made from the 10mm size bubble wrap and are packed in cartons.

Bubble bags are excellent for small delicate items that you'rre wanting to store and keep safe, or during transit. These bubble bags are useful for all sorts of tasks, from people moving house wanting to keep valuables safe, to companies wanting to keep their goods protected in transportation and delivery.

QIS Packaging stock a variety of sizes to minimise your time and costs for easy loading and packing. We offer a range of bubble bags both with a flap and without a flap. If we don't have what you are looking for we can make to order the size you are needing so contact us for a quote today on bubble bags made from 10mm Bubblewrap.


Frequently Asked Questions

What would Bubble wrap Bags be used for?

Packaging fragile items in a bubblewrap sleeve to save you time and money. Pack small electronics, china, jewellery, cds, dvds or any other easily breakable products you need to ship or store.

What if the Bubble Bags are too small for the product/item I am wanting to package? Are there alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives. QIS Packaging stocks a large range of bubble wrap rolls, in many widths and lengths. We also stock other sturdy plastic bags that could be a good solution, when possibly combined with bubble wrap rolls.

Why are many Bubble Bags only able to be sold within South East Queensland?

We sell anywhere in Australia, including Bubble Wrap products. However, because of the large size, the practicality of shipping these types of bulky products long distances usually makes it too expensive, particularly for smaller orders. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to check costs for orders to your location.

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