Cellophane Rolls - Wrapping for a Variety of Uses!

QIS Packaging's cellophane rolls are affordable and high quality, with some of the best shipping times around! Make your products stand out with classy cellophane wrapping - why not tie it up with a ribbon for that extra premium feel.

Our cellophane Rolls are perfect to wrap gift baskets with edilble treats like lollies, nuts and baked goods. They are also often used in the floristry industry to wrap flowers. Cellophane is water resistant so a perfect partner for wrapping flowers.

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How do I know how thick my Cellophane Roll is?

Cellophane’s thickness is measured in microns. The abbreviated form of micron is µm, and 1000µm = 1 mm. The higher the micron count, the thicker the cellophane sheet is. Confectionery wrapping may use a cello of about 20µm, where a florist would typically use a thicker gauge cellophane sheet - perhaps 40µm - to wrap flower bouquets.

Do you sell any other cellophane products?

QIS also has a big range of cellophane bags and cellophane sheets to choose from. Click on either of the hyperlinks to browse our range of either categories.

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