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Cellophane Rolls Online - Buy in Bulk and Save!

Need some cellophane rolls to wrap up your goods and make them look fantastic? You've found the right place!

Whether you need wholesale quantities or just one roll, QIS Packaging has solutions for all types of operations and packaging needs.

We only stock the highest quality cellophane rolls, made from BOPP material. The crystal clear cellophane wrap will make your products look fantastic - and you can add some ribbon for an even classier look and feel.

We also have cellophane bags and cellophane sheets available. Make sure you sign in or register as a member and save 5% off your online order. To view all cellophane bags just click the link.

Further discounts apply for larger quantity orders. Shop online today - check out some of the options below or click the big blue button to view the full range of sizes. We've also added some useful FAQs and testimonials down below.


Frequently Asked Question

How thick are your cellophane rolls?

All of our cellophane rolls are 30µm thick. If you need a cellophane roll or sheet with a different thickness, get in contact on 1800 555 343 and we can source some for you.

What are your cellophane rolls made from?

Our cellophane rolls are made from BOPP material. BOPP is much more affordable than true cellophane, but achieves the same, crystal clear effect. You will find that most suppliers will refer to BOPP rolls as cellophane. If you are looking for true cellophane material, check out our cellophane bags.

I don't need a whole roll of cellophane... what are my options?

We have small 70m cellophane rolls as well as 500mm x 700mm cellophane sheets if you are looking for smaller quantities. You only need to buy 1 roll or ream of cellophane!

How long will delivery take? How much does freight cost?

Delivery with QIS Packaging is really fast. You can check out a full list of freight times and costs here, but below is a quick summary for the capital cities (estimates only). We deliver Australia-wide!

  • Brisbane: 1-2 business days
  • Sydney: 2 business days
  • Melbourne: 3 business days
  • Adelaide: 5-6 business days
  • Perth: 7 business days
  • Hobart: 7-10 business days
  • Darwin 7-14 business days

I need some ribbon to accompany my cellophane. What options do you have?

We have a range of different ribbon styles available in a variety of colours, including:

Additional Questions Answered

Where can I find a pricelist?

You can download a full pricelist here.

I'm not exactly sure that you have what I need/I can't find what I'm looking for on your website. However, I'm still interested in doing business with you. Can you help me out?

Of course! We'd love to have a chat - give us a call on 1800 555 343. We do have the option to do special buy-in lines and even have products custom manufactured for you, if the order is large enough. Our friendly reception staff are also great at answering your questions and figuring out the best solution for your business, no matter the size.

Why choose QIS Packaging?

Let’s face it: packaging is BORING!

But that is exactly why your experiences with a packaging company should be stress-free.

After operating for 33 years, we know a thing or two about stress-free packaging.

Because at the end of the day, the core of our business isn’t actually packaging at all… it’s people!

We pride ourselves on the consistency of our delivery dates, our competitive quotes, the quality of our packaging… but most of all we pride ourselves on our understanding of people.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Testimonial from Steve Dillon of Lollipop Cake Supplies


What some of our other customers think...

Photo & Finish Moss Vale

" We ordered 2 items and they arrived on separate days, however, the staff at QIS were very helpful in tracking down the missing item - good customer service. "

- Google Review

Rod Ennor

" Terrific service and efficient help from knowledgeable staff always make it easy to buy what we need when we need it. I have been buying from QIS Packaging for several years and will happily continue to do so. Rod Ennor, Managing Director, Irrigation Warehouse Group Pty Ltd."

- Google Review

Taro Akimoto

"Sharp price, good variety on their easy to use website but best of all, great personal service when required."

- Google Review

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