Ice Bags - great value, Coolest bags around

Selling ice and need Ice Bags? QIS Packaging sell ice bags that will suit your needs. Available in carton quantities, our ice bags are printed, made from strong plastic and have a LLDPE material for use when freezing products.

If you need your bags made to order in size and would like your print or logo on the bags, no worries! We can manufacture ice bags to order. Contact us on 1800 555 343 or CLICK HERE to see our request a quote page!



What is a "um"?

A "um" is known as a micrometre. 1 micrometre is equal to one-thousandth of a millimetre, 0.001mm or about 0.000039 inch. Generally used in plastics to give a measurement to the thickness used.

What is LLDPE?

LLDPE is Linear Low Density Polyethylene. This is the most flexible of all the plastic sheeting films. LLDPE is a blended form of LDPE and has a more flexible and tensile strength than LDPE as well as being more conformable, pliable and softer. Perfect for ice bags, LLDPE can also be used for pond liners. LLDPE material is strong and is tear and puncture resistant while under stress or impact.

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