Resealable Bags: Plenty of different sizes & types

Resealable Bags also known as zip lock bags, zip seal bags, clickseal bags, clip n seal bags or press seal. We stock 35um, 50um, 75um, 100um and 150um thickness. Depending on what you are putting into the bag will determine which thickness you require. If the product going into the bag has sharp or pointy edges that could pierce the plastic, it is recommended that you purchase the 75um/ 100um/ 150um style as it is thicker and will not be easily torn.

If we do not have the size you require, we can organise to have them manufactured to the size you want, just give us a ring and we can organise this for you. Alternatively, click this link and you will be redirected to the request a quote form for resealable bags.The quoting department will email a proposal to you ASAP.



What is the minimum quantity required to manufacture resealable bags?

Resealable bags can be manufactured to your size as long as you order a minimum of 5,000. The more you purchase the more you will save because once the machinery is set up to run it is very cost effective to manufacture quantity.

What does " LDPE " stand for?

Resealable bags are manufactured with LDPE resins. LDPE stands for low density polyethylene and HDPE means high density polyethylene. A LDPE bag will feel soft and usually look a bit glossy or shiny. HDPE is very strong but when you scrunch it up it makes a crinkly noise.

How many bags come in a carton?

Depending on the type of resealable bag you purchase the cartons can be in 500 or 2000 bags.

Why should I choose resealable bag?

If you need to continuously open the bag to put items in or take them out a resealable bag is the best option because you have a secure closure.

What does um refer to?

um is the thickness/ gauge of the bag. It is what the industry uses to explain/ measure the thickness of a bag.

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