Plastic Shopping Bags in wholesale quantities - QIS has you covered!

Plastic shopping bags come in a variety of styles, and made from a variety of materials. When purchasing wholesale quantities for your business or organisation, you want to be able to choose from a range of bags so you can select the ideal bag for your purpose. We stock a huge range of quality wholesale plastic bags.


A favourite with boutiques are the plastic shopping bags with a die cut handle. The 'die cut' handle is simply an elongated hole punched into the bag.

If you require a bag that is less expensive, the singlet / checkout bags are extremely economical. Our bags are great quality and competitively priced within the market. Please call us on 1800 555 343 if you are wanting to buy bulk amounts, we can certainly discuss better pricing.



What is the difference between Wholesale and Retail?

Retailer buys from wholesaler and sells to customer. Retailer has costs, (like rent, employees, taxes, loss/breakage, advertising, etc.) and needs to make a profit (which is the reason they are in business). Those added items must be placed on the price charged the customers, above what the retailer paid for the product.

Wholesale is a bulk sale by a manufacturer or distributor to for resale to a retailer.

Is there any minimum quantity for getting the wholesale price?

Our minimum quantity for most bags are 100 bags, depends on the type of the bags that you require. The more you buy the more you can save as we offer different quantity breaks. IF you are well over that 3rd quantity break then contact us and we can do up a quote for you and see if we can do a better price.

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