Gift Bags

Christmas, birthday's, anniversaries, engagements, mother's and father's day or just because. There is always someone you want to give a lovely gift to, or something nice that can be done for your loved ones.

Our amazing range of gift bags might be useful to you. We carry a huge range of colours from orange, pink, lime or blue - everything can arrive to your door with our Australia Wide Delivery! Take a look at our huge range of Gift Bags online today and have those special days wrapped up.



What colours in paper bags does QIS Packaging sell?

QIS Packaging sells a variety of different sized handled and non handled Paper Bags. The colours availale are. Purple, Pink, Lime, Aqua, Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, White and Brown.

Can I brand my bags by printing my logo on them?

We can definitely give you a quote for printing on the paper bags. Depends on the size of the bag, the minimum quantity varies. You can check out our Custom Printed bags, which are ideal for small run printed gift bags. Just give us a call on 1800 555 343 if you have any questions.

There's a lot of options, how do i know where to start/ if i don't know what i'm after?

The best way to start thinking is do you want your gift bags to have handles, or no handles? If you want some with handles click here OR if you want some with no handles click here. We also have a whole range of brown and white paper bags if you're also interested in them.

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