Corrugated Cardboard - Protective Packaging

Our single face corrugated cardboard rolls are perfect for shipping, storing and protecting your large unusually shaped items. Corrugated Cardboard rolls are very economical because you just need to cut off the size you require to wrap your product. We stock a number of sizes in our Economy range including 915mm (3ft), 1200mm (4ft), 1500mm (5ft) and 1800mm (6ft).

In our Premium Range we also stock 1500mm (5ft) and 1800mm (6ft) rolls. Corrugated Cardboard is also environmentally friendly and recyclable, so you can’t go wrong when buying yourself a roll or 2!



What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated board consists of one or two outer plies, the flutes and, in multi-ply types of corrugated board, of one or more intermediate plies. Our Corrugated board rolls are classified as single face corrugated board consisting of one ply of fluted paper, onto which cardboard is glued.

What can I use Corrugated Cardboard for?

Corrugated cardboard can be used in a number of ways. We have customers who use it to wrap their car parts, pallet toppers, packaging saddles and whips or wrapping and packaging large industrial products. A great way to strap and fasten the corrugated cardboard is with either some tape or actual plastic strapping to fasten it down. Which you can see at the bottom of this page called "Plastic Strapping in Box".

Are there any other possible alternatives to corrugated cardboard?

The main alternative would be bubble wrap, which QIS also has an extensive range of. This could be used in conjunction with corrugated cardboard if you were concerned about the items you were storing/ transporting getting damaged.

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