Plastic Bags at wholesale prices? QIS is the solution

When it comes to plastic bags there are A LOT of options so it is suggested you take some time selecting what you're looking for. Obviously this will be very different depending on what you are packaging and the business image you are trying to portray. If you're a discount store, you would probably select a singlet bag as their option for providing a bag to their clients as it is the cheapest on the market and the dollar value of their products doesn't warrant them spending more money. On the other hand if you already know what you're after you can click on through and find it, if you're struggling, give us a call (1800 555 343) and we can give you a hand.

A boutique shop would require a bag that has at the very least a die cut handle which is simply an elongated hole punched into the bag. Our curve top range has a variety of colours and 3 different sizes which can be purchased in packs of 100 or larger quantities which offer greater discounts because of the volume.

Ice bags are specifically manufactured with additives so that they will not perish in a freezer situation. We have both 3kg (Sold in cartons of 2000) and 5kg ice bags (Sold in cartons of 1000).

BOPP bags come with resealable tape and also with resealable tape and white headers for hangsell situations. The clarity of BOPP is like looking through glass and displays your products to perfection.

You can obtain resealable bags in 50um, 75um and 50um write on panel. Our pricing is economical, and they are very useful for things like keeping nuts and bolts tidy, and packing a sandwich for lunch-time, and much more.



What is the difference between LDPE and HDPE plastic bags?

LDPE stands for low density polyethylene and HDPE means high density polyethylene. A LDPE bag will feel soft and usually look a bit glossy or shiny. HDPE is very strong but when you scrunch it up is makes a crinkly noise. Singlet bags are usually HDPE and this proves their strength as they can carry 6 litres of milk or more from a supermarket. Strength in both of these types of bags also comes down to the thickness that they are manufactured.

Singlet bags vary from approximately 12um - 25um and the 25um would be stronger. LDPE boutique bags would commonly be 50um and this should be enough however if you are putting products into the bag that are heavy then it may be wise to consider a patch handle. The patch handle is a piece of thicker plastic molded around the die cut area to provide support around the handle so it does not break.

Can you print onto an exsiting plastic bag?

Unfortunately we are not able to print onto the existing bag that has already been converted. Click this link if you would like to complete a form so that our quoting department can email you a proposal for printed plastic bags.

How do i qualify for wholesale prices?

QIS already has quantity breaks in place to allow for people who are genuine re-sellers/ big buyers to get better prices. These quantity breaks do only go so far though, if you're ordering much more than the third quantity break contact and inquire with us and we can do up a quote for you.

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