What is LDPE?

LDPE is an acronym for Low-Density Polyethylene. In its natural form LDPE is clear in colour, however as the thickness of the material increases it takes on a more opaque look.

Additionally, LDPE can be made in a wide variety of colours by adding a colouring compound known as masterbatch during the manufacturing process.

LDPEis one of the most popular types of plastic due to its flexibility, relative transparency and it's easy ability to be heat sealed.

Many manufactures also print on LDPE for items such as Carry Bags , Shopping Bags, Promotional Banners , and wide assortment of other applications.

QIS Packaging offers a Custom Printing service for all LDPE products.
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LDPE products available at QIS Packaging include:

Complementary product to seal poly bags or tubing: Heat Sealers