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Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags - 50µm and over

Need some resealable bags that are a bit more durable or puncture-resistant?


Frequently Asked Question

Are your zip lock bags food grade?

Yes, our zip lock bags are made from virgin LDPE material, so they are perfectly safe for food storage.

What is the difference between polythene (LDPE) and polypropylene?

Polythene is more translucent (cloudy) than polypropylene. This is really important for light-sensitive goods, such as old comics, books and photos. Polythene is also smoother and more flexible than polypropylene, which will crinkle more easily. Again, when it comes to collectables, this can be important as crinkly material can potentially scratch them. Our heavy duty zip lock bags are made from polythene, but we also have some peel & seal polypropylene bags if you are looking for resealable bags for display purposes.

What are some other names for zip lock bags?

Zip lock bags are also referred to as resealable bags, zip seal bags, clickseal bags, press seal bags or self seal bags.

How long will my order take to arrive?

QIS has some of the fastest delivery times around. We deliver Australia-wide - you can check out a full list of our delivery estimates here. Below is a quick summary for the capital cities:

  • Brisbane: 1-2 business days
  • Sydney: 2 business days
  • Canberra: 2 business days
  • Melbourne: 2-3 business days
  • Adelaide: 5-6 business days
  • Perth: 7 business days
  • Hobart: 7-10 business days
  • Darwin: 7-14 business days

I'm not sure you have the size I'm after (I can't find it one the website). What can I do?

At QIS we have the ability to custom manufacture any size bag you want or buy-in special product lines, provided the order is large enough. Request a quote here, or give us a call on 1800 555 343 and we can talk about your options.

Our heavy duty zip lock bags (also known as snap lock bags) will do the trick. We have a huge range of sizes, including:

We also have some thinner 50µm zip lock bags, including:

Our heavy duty zip lock bags are made from a thicker gauge, sturdy polythene material (also known as LDPE), so you know that your goods, collectibles and food items will be safe in storage.

Choose your type of zip lock bag below, or scroll down for some FAQs and testimonials from our happy customers.

Why Choose QIS?

Need a reliable and consistent supplier for your packaging? QIS Packaging is the right choice for you.

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We genuinely consider customer service as the most important element of our business and that's one of the reasons we've been around for 30+ years.

We know you need consistency in delivery dates, competitive pricing, and quality products - and that's what we give you.

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Testimonial: Steve Dillon from Lollipop Cake Supplies


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What a marvellous Company. You provided me with a worry free experience and communication beyond belief. Highly recommend.

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Great company with exceptional customer service. Will definitely shop with QIS again :-)

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Great service and prompt delivery, will definitely continue using QIS Packaging.

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