Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags - quality, affordable bags

Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags are plain LDPE poly bags with a press seal closure. They are are commonly used to display or store products, especially large quantities of small items which need to be accessed repeatedly.

Our Heavy Duty Zip Lock bag range offer a thicker gauge LDPE plastic for those items that require a heavier duty plastic or may need to be more puncture resistant. Our resealable bags are well priced and available in a range of sizes

QIS Packaging also sell a range of Polypropylene Resealable Bags which are excellent for presentation, Corporate finish, Extra Clarity, Crisp Seal and High Gloss Finish. Heavy duty Zip Lock Bags are also known as resealable bags, zip seal bags, clickseal bags, presseal bags or self seal bags.



Polypropylene or Polyethylene?

The translucent nature of polyethylene prohibits a the greater amount of light than the transparent polypropylene. Light can be particularly harmful to collectibles, especially magazines, comics, books, photographs, artwork or any kind of cover or jacket that has color and/or photos or illustrations. By inhibiting the overall amount of harmful light that actually makes its way to your collectible, the risk of fading is minimized. Polyethylene is more flexible than polypropylene. By contrast, polypropylene is stiff and hard, while polyethylene is soft and pliable. The relatively rough surface of polypropylene has the potential to produce scratches to the surfaces of collectibles while the potential for scratching by polyethylene sleeves is minimal.

What made to order/custom ziplock bag options do you have?

Can't find the size you are after? Need a coloured resealable bag? Maybe you want your logo and text printed on a press seal or zip lock resealable bag? We can help you by manufacturing a resealable bag to your requirements. We can make resealable zip lock bags here at the factory in Australia or if you require large quantities with better pricing and are willing to wait 12-14 weeks we can produce bags for you overseas.

What does µm mean?

µM is a micro meter, which is used to measure extremely thin materials. 1 micro meter or µM is one thousandth of a millimeter, so that gives you idea of how small it is. The µM measurement is quite often used when talking about the thickness of bags and other materials. You may also see "um" instead of µM from time to time.

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