For Arts & Craft or Business Use - QIS has you covered for Newsprint Paper

Newsprint is an inexpensive paper made primarily from mechanically ground wood pulp rather than chemical pulp. It has a shorter lifespan than other papers but newsprint is cheap to produce in bulk.

Newsprint or butchers paper as it is known as is sold at QIS in either 17kg bundles of sheets or smaller packs as we understand some businesses need smaller alternatives to the larger bulk/wholesale options.We also have bulk rolls of newsprint paper in a variety of widths for you to use in you're wrapping and packing.



Can newsprint paper be used by butcher's to wrap meat?

Newsprint paper has not been manufactured with a barrier to hold out the moisture. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase butcher's paper that is specifically made with the barrier quality. QIS does not have this as a stock line, however we are able to source it if you would like us to.

What is newsprint paper used for?

Newsprint paper is used for wrapping articles to protect during shipping. Great for protecting your crockery when moving. Kindergartens and schools provide students with the paper to draw and paint upon. Restaurants use the newsprint rolls as a tablecloth and this provides patrons the ability to draw on the tablecloth and have some fun while waiting for their dinner. Easy to clean up - just throw it away.

Can I make paper hats from newsprint?

Aye aye Captain you definitely can. Decorate to your liking and send us a photo.

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