Non Woven Bags - buy plain or let us print them!

Non woven bags are a soft textured bags with a look and feel similar to cloth. These bags are made from Non Woven polypropylene and are made from the material like the "green supermarket" bags. QIS Packaging stock a variety of colours in non woven bags and the minimum quantity to purchase is 100 bags.

If you are wanting your logo and artwork to be printed on these bags we can give you a quote! Simple printing is done right here in our Warehouse or if you are after a process print and large quantities, we can organise a quote to have them manufactured in our factory overseas. You can request a quote here



What are these non-woven bags similar to that I would know?

The non woven bags QIS sells are basically the green grocery bags you can buy from Coles or Woolworths. Except we sell them in a much bigger variety of colours, and you can purchase them in extremely large quantities.

Do QIS Packaging sell bags without handles?

QIS Packaging stock a range of paper bags without handles. The range comes in 5 different sizes are these bags are commonly referred to as paper grocery bags. We also stock a huge range of LDPE plastic poly bags without handles, cellophane bags and polypropylene bags don't have handles either these bags are great for heat sealing.

Do you have any other similar products to these non-woven bags?

The other closest products we have that people associate with non-woven are calico bags, which we have a very wide variety and selection of, coming in 3 different styles (drawstring/ 2 handle/ shoulder strap).

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