Need Paper Bags Melbourne? QIS is the Answer

Paper Bags with handles made of twisted paper are an environmentally conscious option as they are made from recyclable paper. These are becoming a popular alternative to plastic carry bags due to their degradable properties and stylish appearance. Made from heavy duty kraft paper, these paper carry bags are also quite strong and their side gussets provide extra carrying capacity. 'Boutique' or landscape sizes indicate that the bag is wider than it is tall.

We also sell a range of paper bags without handles and we can deliver to your Melbourne address. Our Brown Kraft Paper grocery bags are perfect for supermarkets or industrial clothing stores. Or why not check out the range of coloured paper gift bags without handles. These bags are great for small gifts, cards or presents. The colours are vibrant and will enhance your Melbourne buyers purchase experience or your gifts.



What is the delivery time down to Melbourne if I order?

Delivery time depending on your postcode. If you click here there is a freight table, and it will show you estimated delivery time and cost. IF you still need further clarification, don't hesitate to call us on 1800 555 343.

Other uses for a Brown Paper Bag?

You can use your old Paper Sandwich Bags as a Bag for fries or popcorn and use it as the salt shaker. This makes for an even distribution. Ripen fruits such as avocados, peaches, pears, apples and tomatoes by storing them in a Paper Bag along side a ripen apple and you will get the tastiest ripest treats. The Bag will hold all of the natural gases that the origainal ripe apple give off to help the process for the others

How are paper bags made?

A paper bags or sack is really a preformed container made of paper with an opening at one end, usually used for packaging or carrying items. If logs are the starting material, they are debarked and sent to dry in a mill for three plus years. After they are dried, they are exposed to chemicals, heat, and pressure to make oatmeal like pulp. If the manufacturers are using recycled paper, the recycled paper is made into pulp first, because it doesn’t need to dry first. After the pulp is made, it is formed, cut, glued, packaged, and then sent to the receiver. If desired, a paper bag can be made at home from the same process with newspaper or any recycled paper.

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