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Enviro Bags for the environmentally conscious

QIS has a wide range of enviro bags for a number of different applications. These environmentally friendly bags are predominately our paper bag and calico bag ranges. Our paper bags are made of 10% recycled paper (as much as any paper bag can be) and they come in a big range of sizes, colours, and styles. From extremely small paper bags to extra-large sizing, both with and without handles. Then there is the calico fabric bags which are particularly eco-friendly, they come in 3 different styles each with their own sizing.

Another option is our range of Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric bags (sounds fancy but it’s just the name for those green Woollies/ Coles bags you can buy at the shops instead of using plastic bags). These are also very eco-friendly as they are re-usable, they come in a range of 8 different colours.

These are all great bags for companies or individuals looking to make a conscious benefit to the environment.


Frequently Asked Question

Why Use Enviro Bags?

If you choose to decline both paper and plastic bags you still need a way to get the groceries home. A high quality reusable shopping bag made from Calico or NWPP does not need to be discarded after use. These bags are strong, carry a lot of groceries and can be reused over and over.

What are Calico bags made from?

Calico originated in Calicut, India during the 11th Century. Calico is a plain-woven textile and is made from unbleached cotton. This cotton is often not full processed and may contain unseparated husk parts. Calico is not as coarse or thick as canvas or denim and therefore is usually cheaper to manufacture.

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