Builders Plastic and Centrefold Plastic

Black or Natural durable poly sheet film for use on building sites or general areas where strong cover or under-lay is required. With our wide range for sale online you should be able to find what you're looking for.

If not, contact us and we can have it manufactured to order right here in Australia or if you have time we can manufacture it overseas!



What can Black Builder Film be used for?

Black Builders Film can be used on a number of different applications. Can be used as a temporary weather protection barrier whist buliding. A moisture barrier under concrete slabs, plastic tapaulin or even plant protect from birds or frost.

How is builders film multi-purpose?

Assuming the material you are using isn't destroyed in the activity you are using it in, the centerfold plastic can be re-used so it is a cost effective purchase. Used as a cover, repair or protection sheet it can be used in many circumstances on building sites, or even around households that are renovating/ doing up their house. It will save you money and reduce wastage.

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