Sheet Plastic

Plastic sheet is referred to as centrefold plastic. Our range of colours includes black, white and clear/natural. This is a durable LDPE plastic sheet film for use on building sites, for underlay in landscaping to try and stop the weeds from breaking through. We have 5 choices ranging from 50um to 150um. The rolls are 1 metre wide but open up to 2 metres when unpacked. The 50um clear rolls are used by beauty and spa retailers to perform body wraps. This product is great as drop sheets for painters as it provides them with a large area when layed out. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 555 343 so we can help you find it!



What can Black Builder Film be used for?

Black Builders Film can be used on a number of different applications. Can be used as a temporary weather protection barrier whist building. A moisture barrier under concrete slabs, plastic tarpaulin or even plant protection from birds or frost.

What does it mean by 2/1m?

This roll is 1 metre in width which folds out to 2 metres wide.

I need to stop the weeds coming through my garden can I use this?

You can use centrefold plastics for ground covering but I would use it under stones or paths rather than garden beds as it will not let water through to your soil and plants in your garden bed.

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