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Sheet Plastic

Builders Film

Plastic sheet is often referred to as builders film, or centrefold plastic. Our range of builders film colours includes black, white and clear (sometimes called natural). This is a durable LDPE plastic sheet film that commonly gets used for:

  • Construction: protective lining or sheeting on building sites
  • Landscaping: underlay in gardens to try and stop weeds
  • Painting: can be used as drop sheets, or protecting from overspray

There are many other creative uses also. For example, the 50µm clear rolls are used by beauty and spa retailers to perform body wraps.

We have 5 choices ranging from 50µm to 150µm. The rolls are 1 metre wide but open up to 2 metres when unpacked. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then contact us on 1800 555 343 so we can help you find it!

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is often used to protect and stablise freight that has been packed on to pallets.

We stock many different rolls of stretch wrap. Our rolls come in thicknesses ranging from 8µm to 25µm, which dictates how strong and durable the stretch wrap is, and also in different widths and lengths.

We also supply stretch wrap dispenser tools.

BOPP Rolls

Sometimes mistaken for cellophane, BOPP rolls and sheets have exceptional clarity. As our range of BOPP is food grade, these are often used for wrapping food, such as in baskets or open containers. They are also frequently used by florists who want a water proof wrapping for bunches of flowers that do not detract from the natural beauty of their arrangements.

We also stock layflat tubing, which can be a better solution than plastic sheets in some cases, depending on your specific requirements. Please select from the categories below to find out more details about our range of sheet plastic.


Frequently Asked Question

What can Black Builder Film be used for?

Black Builders Film can be used on a number of different applications. Can be used as a temporary weather protection barrier whist building. A moisture barrier under concrete slabs, plastic tarpaulin or even plant protection from birds or frost.

What does it mean by 2/1m?

This roll is 1 metre in width which folds out to 2 metres wide.

I need to stop the weeds coming through my garden can I use this?

You can use centrefold plastics for ground covering but is best used under stone or bark covering, or under pathways. It is generally not recommended for garden beds, as it will not let water through to your soil and plants in your garden bed.

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