Plastic Tubing - wide range of uses, competitive prices

Our plastic tube ranges from 50mm wide (approx 2167.5m length) all the way up to 1000mm wide (approx 135m length). Many more sizes in between check it out here online to see what dimension will work out best for you. Plastic tube is ideal to use when packing objects that are different lengths. You have the ability to choose how long you need to go before cutting off the tube.

A Heat Sealer will seal both ends of the tube to keep your product inside. Alternatively you can use staples however this can be a hazard for fingers, so best to put a strip of packaging tape over the staples so no-one hurts themselves. Ideally though heat sealer would be quicker and also more secure!

Plastic tubing is sold into the steel industry, curtain industry to keep dust off, storage of fabric materials inside the tube to keep bugs and dirt away. Also sold to builders who use it to put materials through awkward areas. As you can see it has many uses, so you can use your imagination for whatever you want to use it for. If you cannot find the size you want, please call us 1800 555 343, we are only too happy to help.



Can I purchase coloured poly plastic tube?

This can be manufactured to order, however there would be a minimum quantity that would need to be produced. I am unable to advise you how much this would be until we know the width and gauge of the size you require. To manufacture any flexible packaging, a lot of factories require a minimum of 100kg of material or more. 100kg of a 100mm wide tube at 50um is going to be different to a 100kg of 100mm wide tube at 100um. If you require a proposal, please click on this link to be redirected to our request for quote form. Once this is completed our quoting department will email you a proposal with all of the information.

How do I know which thickness (gauge) to select in the plastic poly tube?

If you are using the tube as a dust cover to keep dirt off, you will only need a light gauge like 35um. A heavy gauge like 100um would be used for items that could easily pierce the thinner tubing. Steel rods would be packed into a heavy gauge poly tube.

What is Poly (Plastic) Tubing used for?

There are many uses for it. Some people buy it for covering products that come in unusual/ different lengths, so they can chop off however much they want. Other people use it as covers for items that are again more lengthy than typical bags can cover.

Then there are builders and other industries that actually use it to help them in their projects, by feeding things through it. Another quality use is making your own bags with it. You cut off how much you want then seal on end and you have yourself your own sized bag.

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