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In Melbourne? Need Cellophane Bags? You're at the right place!

These food grade bags are suitable for any type of food products, from handmade treats through to more sophisticated Bonboneries. For any event, occasion or business you’ve got happening in Melbourne our range of over 20 sizes of cellophane bags have you covered! We also stock other bags similiar to cellophane bags that may be suitable, just click the link and take a look.

Easy delivery down to Melbourne in a few days, even if you’re ordering a large quantity of bags there is no trouble at all. What if you’re looking for cellophane bags with gussets? Well half of the bags we stock have gussets, just have a look and you should find what you’re after. If you need any assistance you can:


Frequently Asked Question

What is the best way to seal cellophane bags?

How you seal cellophane bags will be determined by what you are putting into the bag. If you were putting soap in the bag you might close the bag up with some curling ribbon. However, if you were using the bags for food like rocky road, it would probably be best to heat seal it closed so that the food stays fresh.

What other options are there other than cellophane bags?

The main other options are Polypropylene and BOPP packaging, both products are also used for presentation purposes. BOPP has the better quality of the two, and is probably the clearest, most transparent of all the options available.

Did you know what Melbourne was called before it was called Melbourne?

Before Melbourne was Melbourne it was called Batmania after John Batman, the first Australian-born colonist who was one of Melbourne's founding Fathers.

I am just outside of Melbourne can you still deliver to me?

We not only supply to Melbourne but all throughout Victoria. You can refer to our freight page for a clear idea of how long a delivery will take to arrive at your postcode.

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