Red Tissue Paper

Looking for red tissue paper? Then you've come to the right place! We sell tissue paper in quantities as small as a 1 ream, to as large as pallet loads - it depends on what you are after for your business or personal use. Each ream has approximately 480 sheets.

The sizing of each sheet of paper is 760mm in length X 500mm in width, which is an ideal size for anything you want to wrap. The uses for red tissue paper vary, from wrapping presents at home, to retail shops wanting to have a nice presentation for their products.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you have acid free tissue paper?

We certainly do, and we carry different sizes for you to choose from.Check out our range of acid free tissue paper right here. If you need more information on them don't hesitate to call us (1800 55 343).

Is 480 sheets in a ream too much? I'm not sure I'll us it all.

Even if you're wrapping a few things, tissue paper is easy to store away and won't take up much room so you have plenty left over for next time, and you're saving yourself money.

How much does a ream of tissue paper weigh?

A ream of tissue paper with 480 sheets weighs approximately 3kgs.

How do I know what colour is right for me?

The colours display as pictures on our website may be slightly different due to screen quality. If you needed an exact colour match or something as close as it would be best recommended to either come into our warehouse at Unit 6, 33 Stockwell Place Archerfield QLD. If that's not an option you also can give us a free call on 1800 555 343 and we can best describe the colour to you.

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