Buy your tote/ calico/ NWPP bags with QIS in Brisbane

Tote bags usually refer to a natural type of bag, QIS sells 2 types of these bags, they are Calico and NWPP (Non-Woven Polypropylene), both of these types of bags are re-usable and are Eco-friendly.

Another advantage of buying these bags with QIS for you as a customer is that we are based in Brisbane so delivery cost is very low, or if you collect from our warehouse there is no delivery cost at all!



What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is usually a large bag with gussets used for carrying a number of items.

What are the advantages of "Tote" bags?

Tote bags are re-usable, they are not a 1 time use and then ditch them. Calico bags in particular can actually be washed (as they are made of 100% cotton) so these are great options for kids. NWPP bags have similar advantages, but they are also a bit bigger, and better if you're carrying more items in the bag.

Are any of these bags similar to to the one's you see in Coles/ Woolies?

Indeed they are, the NWPP range are the green environmentally friendly bags that you see at checkouts at both of these stores.

What if i'm wanting to buy these bags in bulk to re-sell/ use them for our customers?

QIS already has price breaks in place for customers if you're buying a few more, If you're buying a LARGE volume, then contact us and if the quantity is significant enough we can adjust the price so YOU as a customer do get a better price! Call (1800 555 343) [email protected] or live chat us if in business hours and we can help you out!

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