Black Paper Bags - the Stylish Packaging Choice

Struggling to find a full suite of black packaging products for your business? Need black paper bags as well as other items (I.e. tissue paper, ribbon, stretch wrap etc.)?
QIS has you covered, we’ve got a huge range of black paper bag products from paper twist handle bags, to simple black gift bags.

The sturdier material provided by paper bags will distinguish your business from competitors who only use plastic bags to package their goods.

We sell two different styles of bag: we sell black paper gift bags without handles for smaller items, and black paper carry bags with paper twist handles for bulkier items.

We also sell a variety of other colours in our paper bag range!



What if i need other packaging products that are coloured black?

Here at QIS we fully understand buying your packaging from 1 supplier is super helpful, especially if their range and pricing are competitive! That's why we stock a huge range of retail packaging (bags, tissue paper, ribbon, stretch wrap etc.) in black, at affordable prices.

What is the minimum quantity I need to purchase?

The minimum quantity that you can purchase will depend on the size of the bag. We typically sell our paper bags in a carton size, or in a smaller pack of 50 bags as well. If you're buying black gift bags these come in minimum of 100 (however are also much less expensive).

Where is QIS Packaging located?

QIS Packaging is based at Archerfield in Brisbane, however we deliver to locations Australia wide. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding delivery times and locations!

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