Bulk Tissue Paper

Bulk Tissue Paper is acid free and great for packing, wrapping, gift packaging, retail stores or arts and crafts. Make some pom poms or use our colourful tissue paper to decorate your pinata. Keep your precious items wrapped in our acid free bulk tissue paper.

Available in bulk reams our tissue paper is great value.

Available in a wide variety of colours. Buy online today - Australia wide delivery!


Frequently Asked Question

What are the materials of Tissue Paper?

The two materials that form Tissue Paper are paper pulp and glue. Paper pulp is made up of single wood, waste paper or plant fibers that have been mixed with water and pounded together. When the water is removed from the pulp, it is ready to be formed into tissue paper or any other kind of paper. The glue acts as an adhesive to attach the paper pulp to the large metal cylinder that will form the Tissue Paper.

What GSM is the Tissue Paper?

The thickness of our tissue paper is 17gsm.

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