Padded Bags - Safe & Secure Shipping

Transporting Goods? Want them to be safe and secure? Padded bags are the answer!

QIS Packaging stock a very large and varied range of padded bags for your transporting needs.

Bubblewrap Bags: Bubblewrap used on this bag have 10mm bubbles, these are great if you're shipping very delicate/breakable items. There is 2 types available, bags with or without a flap (lip) - 9 sizes available.

Courier Bags/Satchels: Also known as poly mailers, air satchels, Australia Post express satchel bags etc. These are a very economical option. Also has a tamper evident strip so you can tell if someone has tampered with the parcel in transit - 7 sizes available.

Jiffy Bags: Paper on the outside and shredded paper on the inside. These bags are great for protecting your goods, plus they are made from 100% recyclable material (so are also environmentally friendly). Easy peel/seal strip at the top - 7 sizes available.

Maxi Plastic Mailer Packs: This range is plastic coated on the outside, and bubble wrap on the inside. These are fantastic for freighting fragile items that require protection. One advantage is the outside is protected from moisture because of the plastic coating - 6 sizes available.

Paper Mail Packs: On the outside is a strong white Kraft paper, on the inside it is bubble-lined providing protection at all times. Lightweight for posting with a tamper evident seal. As well as easy peel/seal strip - 8 sizes available.

Likely you will find the bag you need for padded freight bags in this range. If you’re still unsure, contact us so we can help you with your decision.


Frequently Asked Question

What is a tamper evident seal?

After sealing your products in the bag with the tamper evident tape any unauthorized access to your package is easily detectable. If the package has been opened by an unauthorized person the package will be torn raggedly and cannot be resealed.

What are padded envelopes?

Padded Bags are cushioned mailers or sometimes referred to as envelopes, that give extra protection for mailing and shipping. The outside is sometimes made from paper or plastic and the padding is sometimes bubble wrap or shredded newsprint. These bags close with an adhesive flap with tape.

What mailer do I use to keep moisture out?

If the item you are despatching needs to be kept away from moisture, it is recommended the maxi packs because they are plastic coated on the outside and have bubblewrap inside for padding. Alternatively you could use a bubble bag and then secure the item inside a courier satchel. Both these items are made of plastic. The Jiffy and mail pack bags both have paper on the outside. The jiffy bag range is particularly unsuitable, as it could easily get soaked if it was left in the rain.

How does your freight work? How do I know how much I'm paying?

The best place to start is on our Freight page, which breaks down the freight pricing.


Ross Ferguson from Awesome Woodys talks about using QIS Courier Bags in his business:

A selection of Padded Mailing Bags from the range stocked by QIS Packaging
QIS Packaging stocks a wide range of padded bags suitable for mailing and shipping.

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